Video: How to make a big impact on a small budget

Video is a great way to promote brand identity, products or services and to stay in touch with customers – it grabs people’s attention far more quickly and effectively than text and should be part of every company’s marketing and promotional arsenal.

Many though, especially businesses of a smaller scale, are put off using video because they think it’s too expensive or complicated. Not true. Today, video technology has improved and costs have come right down – enabling even the novice to create quality video content on a budget.

High quality video is no longer just the play thing of large enterprise...

Here are my top tips:

Do your research: Look at videos on the Web that catch your attention and take note of the things you like about them. Do the same with ones you don’t like. This should inspire you!

Get the right kit: There is a huge range of high quality video cameras out there that deliver great results at a reasonable price – even HD. They are surprisingly simple to use and are designed to get you through the process of filming, editing and uploading quickly and easily. If you want to buy your own, some start from as little as £100

Create a storyboard: You really need to have a clear idea of what you want to get across before you start – a lack of planning will show on screen. Put together a simple outline although beware – if you follow a script too closely the result will likely be stilted and un-natural. Use your outline as a guide and then see where it takes you!

Choose wisely: This may seem obvious but it’s surprising how many companies get this wrong. You need to use people that can represent your business well on camera – and it might not be your MD. The ‘face’ of your company has to be engaging, concise and able to keep on topic. Above all they have to be comfortable and act naturally in front of the camera. Viewers will click away if it’s forced (remember the research you did in tip one).

Location, location, location: Getting the setting right is one of the easiest ways to make your video look good. Think about style – are you going for a corporate look or do you want to create a more informal vibe? And don’t forget to check your lighting – do a few test clips before you go for a full session of filming to get the set-up right

Inject brand personality: Think about adding a measure of your business’ personality into the video. Include details that reflect your brand values and, if you find a particularly creative way to do it, you’ll also get more hits to your website!

Special effects: There’s great editing software available to help you add impressive effects that can really make your video stand out. Take a look on the Web – many good applications are available to download for free

The final cut: Be ruthless in your editing. Cut all footage that doesn’t add to your story. Remember – the key to a great video is to keep it short and snappy!

When it comes to communication, there’s little that compares the immediate impact of a good video. Here’s a video we recorded recently on Cloud Computing.

Follow my video top tips and soon you’ll be creating quality video content that can significantly add to the effectiveness of your marketing mix and increase brand awareness online.

And who knows, maybe you’ll also discover some hidden talents along the way!



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