Putting it into Practice: Flip-ping brilliant video streaming

I’m constantly looking for ways to make my family travel blog more interesting, more appealing, more educational and crucially more useful…. and my latest trick… is to add video!  From customer testimonials to tours around our safe, family friendly holiday properties to a quick sneak preview about what’s in my hand luggage; I’ve come up with stacks of fun and interesting ways to use my little Flip camera.

Once I got going, I was surprised by how readily the ideas came and more importantly how easy it is to do.  I now take my camera with me wherever I go – award ceremonies, media events, holidays, work trips and so on – and I film at every opportunity. Below is one I made recently!

I’ve realised that there are lots of different types of people out there, all with different learning styles and my job is put content on my blog that is appealing to everybody. By using a mix of written blogs, video, podcasts and so on I am also making my blog more varied which is critical if you have an avid following.

The other point about video is that it really gives my blog a personality. The reason social networking is so successful is that readers get a real feel for the character behind the business and there is nowhere to hide when it comes to video! I don’t worry too much that my videos look a bit homespun – I think that that’s what makes them so powerful.

When I have a piece of video that I think I can use, I upload it to You Tube, a process that takes a few minutes. I tap in some of our keywords into the Keyword box on You Tube which helps to optimize the footage. You Tube provides me with a piece of code which I then paste into my blog… that takes another 5 to 10 minutes so the whole process is quicker than writing a blog from scratch. I can then publicise my video blog entry on Twitter and Facebook in the normal way and keep track of how many people have watched it.

Et voila! A quick ‘n’ easy blog entry.



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