Go for a PR spin: Promoting your business without breaking the bank (part 2)

So you’ve got your customers saying nice things about you and you may even have nice shiny award to show for it too, so what other handy tactics can small businesses use to gain exposure?

3. Local Press

While all businesses dream of full-page spreads in national newspapers, local press should not be ignored. If you’re a small business it’s likely that you will service a number of customers in the local area. What better way to attract potential customers than appear in a paper which will be read by the majority of workers and residents in the local area? Local papers are often very open to good news stories and business successes for local organisations so be sure to consider this when sending over information – they won’t print an advert but if you have something new and of interest to the local community, and can provide an interesting photo to support the story, then you’ll stand a good chance.

4. Speaker opportunities

As a business person you will have expertise and experiences that others can learn from; don’t underestimate the importance of these. There will always be events suitable to the size of your business where you can share your knowledge with others in a similar situation. These events are not only a great way of spreading your company name and positioning yourself as an industry expert, but can also be extremely productive for networking. Smaller businesses should not be intimidated by a perceived lack of experience of market share; every business has its own issues and its own successes. Think about your unique sales point and highlight what makes you the top choice for a guest speaker slot.

5. Generate your own news

There are a few basic PR pieces that any small business can get involved in, that won’t take up valuable business hours or resources. Put together a target list of publications that you’d like to feature in and find out who their business editor is. Once you know this you can offer them comment on relevant topical business issues which they may be covering and they will also be more receptive to taking news from your business in the future. Alternatively, offer opinion articles or by-lined comment for any regular columns which you read. Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and ask the business editors or reporter what they’re writing about this week and offer your views where appropriate. By building a reputation as a strong source of knowledge it’s likely that they will re-contact you for future articles.


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