Small Business Technology | The Power of Connections

Keeping your employees connected to people and information anytime, anywhere is a big step toward making your business more efficient. And it’s especially important for small and medium-sized businesses like yours.

We try to not talk tech too much here, but sometimes you can’t avoid the benefits of technology on your business, and keeping connected on the move is one of those times. I know from my own experience of working at smaller organisations, if a senior manager is out of contact or cannot access files for an extended period of time, it causes a bottleneck. Things don’t get done and productivity grinds to a halt, which can create a whole number of challenges for a small business.

To avoid this situation and to allow employees to reach the resources they need, many companies have turned to using a virtual private network (VPN) and unified communications (UC) technology. These are now established technologies that can really help a business of any size. The trick is to get in touch with a knowledgeable reseller who can help you with the technical details.

I’ve written a brief overview below to allow you to navigate through the technical jargon and to explain benefits of each of the technologies:

VPN: How You Can Benefit

VPNs let small and medium business and mobile workers connect to the company network over the Internet. Sophisticated encryption protects voice and data traffic every step of the way. VPNs can help your employees work more productively in several ways:

  • Employees can work from home, a remote office, or a hotel yet still have secure, reliable access to the company network—just as if they were at your main office
  • Salespeople can access sales tools, customer records, or other resources on your network while at a customer’s site
  • Your business can easily provide secure network access to third parties, such as contractors who need to update your company’s website
  • Disaster recovery is easier, since employees can securely access company data from any computer, not just those in your office

Unified Communications: How You Can Benefit

A unified communications system lets you move your phone system and other communications services to a single Internet Protocol (IP) network that is easy to manage and maintain. Unified communications systems can unlock new benefits for your business in a number of ways, such as:

  • Bringing together your phone system and your customer relationship management (CRM) system. When a customer calls, employees see a pop-up window with all the customer’s information on their phone or PC
  • Have one phone number ring simultaneously on multiple phones, so employees never miss a call
  • Allow employees to work from home or a different office yet keep the same phone number, so they can be easily reached
  • Use an automated attendant to answer the company phone and intelligently route calls
  • Employees can customise call screening and message handling to their own work styles
  • Save time and money with videoconferencing and teleconferencing to let employees collaborate from anywhere

Hopefully this post has shown you how, by using a simple mix of networking technologies to connect your staff, you can allow them to work from anywhere; reduce costs; and make your operations more flexible. If you’d like to know more, leave us a comment!




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  1. some time ago a friend offers Internet connections using the VPN system. I do not understand how to use. after reading your posts very much helped me get enlightenment. thanks

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