Social media marketing in need of genuine ‘experts’

While using social media for brand promotion may be on the up among marketing and communications professionals, nearly half are unsure of how to use it to best effect according to a study by consultancy McCann Erickson. The survey, which spoke to 115 in-house marcoms personnel,  discovered that although almost three out of five respondents currently used social media as a communications tool in their daily jobs – up 22% on last year – almost a quarter of respondents found advances in the area difficult to keep up with. A further 17% said that, while they did not employ social media techniques regularly, they were interested in doing so. But 22.4% pointed out that, although they would like to understand the medium more, they found it difficult to unearth genuine ‘experts’ in the field to help them. Read the full article at


One Response

  1. These results echo what we hear all the time.. organisations are beginning to “play” with Social Media, but most need (and they know they need) guidance or training from genuine experts.

    And that’s where it gets difficult.. Take a read of a recent Blog post over at the Drum – which discusses this very issue!

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