Small Business News | Why businesses are rewriting the rulebook

According to a survey by T-Mobile, small businesses are increasingly challenging traditional business conventions. To read the full Business Sense Survey of 1,500 small business leaders, please visit

The survey gives opinions of small business owners on different conventions such as those below:

  1. Small businesses are judged by the size of their workforce
  2. Swanky offices are a sign of a successful organisation
  3. “Shaking on it” is a formal sign of an agreement
  4. Those who stay the latest are the most productive workers
  5. Education is everything
  6. Young business leaders aren’t to be trusted
  7. Setting up a venture with a family member is risky territory
  8. Nine to five are the accepted working hours
  9. Business cards are a must-have accessory
  10. It’s all work and no play

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