How do you leverage Facebook?

David Critchley makes the crucial point below that Facebook is now a key business tool. So how should entrepreneurs use it? One tip I’ll offer you is to get in touch with a Facebook Preferred Developer. There are only 52 of these firms worldwide. The mark was created by Facebook to provide businesses with a reliable guide to the best developers so you can be sure these guys are the cream of the crop.

The UK Preferred Developers are TechlightenmentiPlatform, Ralph,  Wishpot, Candytech, Nudge Social Media, Syncapse, Gamaroff Digital and 77Agency.

And what should you say to these Developers? I was talking this week to Jan Rezab, the Czech founder of Candytech, which runs Facebook campaigns for Unilever, Tesco and GE Money, and he said he was quite used to clients arriving with very little idea of what they wanted to achieve. Facebook is such a dynamic medium and most marketers simply haven’t grasped the possibilities. But, as Rezab was keen to point out, that’s what these agencies are for. They will help you develop your entire strategy and campaign as well as handling the tricky technical stuff.

One of Rezab’s other businesses is the fascinating and rather useful statistics portal Facebakers. This displays all sorts of Facebook data, such as which developers have the most active users (Zynga, maker of Farmville, which has 63m users, holds the top spot).

Facebakers ranks Facebook users by country. It lists the Cost per click for advertising in every country. You can find demographic data on membership. Have a play!

One stunning stat: Facebook has 26.5m users in the UK, almost half the population. In other words, this is not a medium entrepreneurs can ignore.


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