Small Business News| Government must do more to ‘green’ businesses

The UK climate change watchdog (Committee on Climate Change) criticised the Government for not doing enough to get businesses more energy efficient – particularly small to medium-sized enterprises.

According to the CCC, the 8.6% fall in greenhouse emissions could not be attributed to reduction based measures but instead to the recession and rise in energy prices. Due to this the CCC warned that with a recovering economy we may experience a rise in emissions, which would cause the UK to fail to meet its promise of a 34% reduction by 2020. It was stressed that as SME’s make up the majority of businesses in the UK, that they should be heavily targeted over the next decade to meet carbon budgets. Amongst other strategies, the CCC is urging the Government to devise new policies to engage businesses, energy companies, local authorities and private landlords to make buildings more energy efficient. However despite these concerns, the CCC also stated that the target of 34% should be raised to 42%. Reaching this target would require SME’s and the Government to work together and be at the forefront of this latest push to reduce our carbon emissions.

To read the article in full, please visit the Green Wise Business website.


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