Business Heroes News | Government to discuss SME’s regulatory issues

The coalition government are in talks today concerning the problems businesses – particularly SME’s – have with UK regulation.

Despite food safety, consumer protection, fire safety and health and safety being necessary requirements, they are also considerable burdens placed upon businesses required to follow them. Many businesses are concerned that these burdens impinge upon their ability to progress and grow. Firstly the cost of complying with regulation is significant, with 25% of businesses employing at least one person to deal with a specific area of locally enforced regulation.  Moreover, many businesses are flagging up that the biggest burden is not the cost of an employee, but the constant struggle to keep up to date and make the relevant changes. Of course SME’s are the most vulnerable of groups in regards to this issue.

Firms with a relatively low number of employees face considerable pressure on their time and resources, and are in no position to deal with overly complex administration. A jointly commissioned study by LBRO and the National Audit Office (NAO) revealed that there is a growing call from UK businesses for a partnership between local council regulators and SME’s, whereby councils can act to enforce the law and to provide advice. Given the difficulties still faced by SME’s following the economic downturn, helping hands offered by the government and local councils to allow businesses to grow once more would surely be beneficial to all parties concerned.

For the full LBRO report, follow this link:


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