Small Business Advice | Networking – Mum’s the Boss

This week I had the pleasure of speaking to a group of women entrepreneurs in Bedford.  The networking group is called  and it was created to support and network mums in business, and its growing rapidly.  As a mum of three I’m really passionate about how much better, not to mention how exciting life can be for everybody, when you’re in the driving seat.

My talk was on how important it is to have an overall vision, not only for your business but also for your personal life, and how having a big vision accompanied by big juicy goals focuses the mind.

At the start of Tots to Travel, I remember receiving some business advice that encouraged me to think small, so I did.  I went about creating a business with a limiting brand and, perhaps more worryingly, a limiting mindset. 

However, I’ve changed all that now!  My baby friendly holiday business has a 5 year vision, big, juicy goals and a planned exit strategy.  With a 3 or 5 year vision in place you can then work backwards and figure out exactly what it is you need to do today to make your vision a reality.  Everything falls into place then.

Sam, one of the founders from Mums the Boss filmed me afterwards using a nifty Flip.  Here it is…

Generally, women approach their businesses lacking the conviction and the confidence to make them fly. However, with a bit of support and encouragement I believe women – and particularly mums – make excellent business leaders and perhaps more importantly, fabulous role models for the next generation.  I know from the feedback that I’ve had that there were more than a few mums who left with a new found bounce in their step and a grander vision in mind!  Go for it!



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