Small Business News | New badge for business-savvy scouts

A new wave of business-savvy individuals are creating a competition for the UK’S entrepreneurs and business owners. However instead of suits they wear neckerchiefs and baseball caps and instead of attending board meetings they prefer to go camping! That’s right, Reuters has just announced that from Thursday of this week, a new badge will be created for Scouts to encourage entrepreneurship.

Now, along with the usual badges for knot-tying and map-reading, this new badge encourages scouts to add business start-ups to their repertoire, encouraging the younger generation to enjoy commerce and figures as well as camp songs and sports. The badge is multimillionaire Richard Harpin‘s brainchild. The founder and chief executive of domestic insurance company Homeserve has put up 50,000 pounds to fund it.

Even the idea behind the badge has a Dragons Den influence, with one activity having the teenage scouts presenting their business ideas to a Dragons’ Den-style panel. However this move is deemed slightly controversial for traditionalists who are unhappy that values like environmental knowledge and practical outdoor skills may be preceded by business plans. The first four scouts to receive this badge will be a group of Scouts from Lichfield who set up a mobile barbecue business.

To see the full articles please visit Reuters website


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