Small Business News | Valued employees can make a real difference

The Independent recently covered the story of Simon Murdoch, co-founder of and Vineet Nayar, author of Employees First, Customers Second, raising some interesting points about the value of employees to a start-up business.

The article looks at the difference customer service makes to a start-up businesses. Using Simon Murdoch as a case study, the Independent describes his background and experiences of a ‘customer centric’ approach as one that has led his to such a belief. Looking at the wish for a ‘personal touch’ that many of today’s customers seek, the article moves on to examine how large number of internet based start-ups achieve this when the company is, by definition, never face-to-face with customers. Vineet Nayar’s publication of Employees First, Customers Second, suggests that the key to customer service is creating a situation where employees feel like owners, thus becoming personally attached and eager vessels of change. This signifies a move away from traditional customer service to one that provides internet based, small and medium start-ups with a more sustainable platform for success.

To see the article in full, please visit the Independent website.


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