Growing Up Without Losing Touch

Hi there!

When we set up, we started as two frustrated parents who couldn’t find good quality, co-ordinated furniture, bedding and accessories for our children’s bedrooms.  We also couldn’t stand bad customer service.  So, as parents catering for other busy parents, we knew that delivering a fantastic service would be the key to our success.  Now, more than two years on, the business has grown up and expanded but we haven’t forgotten that the customer is at the very heart of our business.

Offering a personal touch is really important, and with an internet business we need to ensure that we are always visible to our customers.  As well as the site being accessible 24/7, we always make sure the Rooms You Love team are available to answer customers questions, whether they are over the phone, on a live chat with us on the website or through e-mailing us a contact form.

As our business has evolved, we know how our customers like us to communicate with them.  As well as updating them through more traditional marketing tools like weekly newsletters, the popularity for social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter provide a good fit with the customer demographic.  It also offers a very quick and cost effective way to interact with our target audience and lets us compete in the same space as big businesses.

With existing customers, Facebook fans and Twitter followers, we want to remain top of mind for them and give them added value.  We offer a range of incentives including free delivery, VIP discounts and sneak previews to our new ranges.  Our customers have given us valuable feedback to help us grow the business so it’s important that they benefit in return.

Not only that, but for any internet business to be successful it needs good content on the site, good search engine optimisation (SEO) and good natural links back to your own website. Once your social media profile is indexed, it will count as an inbound link to your site.  It’s also useful to include specific anchor text related to any keyword phrases that you want to target and point them to pages that have been optimised for those same terms – it’s a hyperlink that will benefit you immediately and drive traffic to your site, not away from it.  Just these few points create opportunities for more natural links and best of all, they’re free!

As well as being part of a social community through Facebook and Twitter, it’s important for small businesses to feel part of a community and to communicate and share best practice with other business.  We have found sites like and are great for networking and benchmarking purposes.

There is no doubt that the recession has hit both small and large business hard.  As we entered 2009 we took stock and re-evaluated our business model and ensured that we were operating as cost-effectively as possible. We also had to see how we could improve our qualified leads and increase the visibility of our site as cost effectively as possible.  Social networking has fast become a very viable platform for us to allow us to do just that, why don’t you give it a try and see what it can do for your business?