Business Heroes is moving…

Business Heroes is moving!

Hi everyone,

Thanks for visiting our site over the last six months. It’s been a fantastic learning process for us and our various contributors. We started with nothing and we’ve now rocketed to the point where we have a loyal following of readers who regularly contact us with feedback and comments – thank you if you’ve taken the time to do this!

So, with one eye on the future, we’ve decided to take things to the next level; more features; more news; more video; more interaction plus the same great news and views delivered to you, our readers. However, we’re not stopping there. This year will also see the launch of the Business Heroes awards, a major small business competition to recognise the best of UK business. We’ll announce more about this in the next three months – watch this space!

To do all of this we’ve decided to move to our own servers and give ourselves a proper address. We can now be found here at and as from today, we’ll no longer be posting on this site. Please save this new address in your bookmarks and continue to follow us on Twitter, where we will be running competitions and providing you with the latest news directly.

See you there!

The Business Heroes Team


Small Business News | Budget: How Would You Cut the Debt?

The BBC Online website this morning features a neat tool that allows visitors to the site to play Chancellor and make ‘virtual’ changes to the UK economy. Go on, it’s really quite interesting:

Today on Business Heroes we’ll be sure to cover any news from the budget that directly affects small business – stay tuned for the latest information and be sure to follow us on Twitter @customerkings

Welcome to the Business Heroes Blog!

Hi all, and welcome to the Business Heroes blog!

I’m Gordon Mackintosh and I’m really pleased to be the first to post on our new blog. I’m hoping it will be an interesting and valuable space for people running and managing businesses in the UK and Ireland. We’ll be focusing on the problems and challenges, and more importantly the solutions and successes for a range of business across the British Isles. Posts to look out for over the next few weeks include top trends for 2010, working with and in the supply chain, along with a special look at driving business value and getting the basics right.

I work at Cisco in the UK as head of small business & distribution. Although my role at Cisco gives me a great opportunity to experience meeting a huge variety of business professionals, some of which I hope to share with you here, it won’t just be Cisco contributing to this blog. We’re excited to get all kinds of guest bloggers involved, ranging from industry experts like Charles Orton-Jones from Real Business, to companies sharing their innovative solutions for business success. These won’t be big enterprises, but businesses that have started small and gone through the bad times, as well as the good. Watch out for insightful pieces on customer service and growing your business without losing your own independent style!

We are always open to ideas too. If you would like to contribute, or if you have ideas for posts, just let us know. We hope we’ve already got some interesting posts lined up for you; we’re going to be posting weekly on Tuesday mornings to start with.

The great thing about this blog is that we can see and respond to your feedback – we positively encourage you to get in touch and ask questions, provide solutions, and offer feedback. So, please drop us a note in the comments sections or on the site feedback form.

All the best,